samedi 27 octobre 2012

Dans l'étreinte de la nuit ~ In the grip of the night

Dans son étreinte, la nuit tombante de Nuremberg étouffe la lumière, arrête le temps, immobilise le courant des rivières. Elle ne garde du jour que l'ombre déformée des âmes désunies.

In its grip, the falling Nuremberg's night suffocates the light, stops the time, immobilizes the current of rivers. It keeps only of the day the distorded shade of the desunited souls.

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Maria Cláudia a dit…

Interesting resgister!
Oh y, I got so sad..why did you leave Flickr? But, I'm happy to see you on blogspot!

By the way, on next month I'll study French, on 2014 I'm going to visit France and you have no idea how my heart is smiling :-)